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Stardom (5) [Wednesday, 9th November 2005 ; 2:07pm]
Chapter 5 – Blast from the Past

Disclaimer: I do not own Phantom. I wish I did because I’d have an assload of cash. And then I’d buy you all something pretty because I love you!

A/N: Thank you so much for all the great reviews and critique! I’ll admit, I had one HELL of a time trying to get that first person point of view down, but thanks to all your kind suggestions and encouragement I believe that I shall have a much easier time with it in the future! Thanks a bunch! I know you all wanted to shoot me in the face when Raoul showed up…I knew that mass hysteria would ensue…but I promise it’ll all work itself through! Thank you all for reading!

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Stardom (4) [Tuesday, 1st November 2005 ; 9:43am]
Chapter 4 – Old Acquaintances
- - - - - - - - - - - -
A/N: Thank you all SO much for your kind words and positive feedback. It means a lot!

BTW…don’t kill me all my beloved and fellow E/C shippers…he had to come in at some point. But I promise…it’ll still be to your liking. I will forever remain E/C!!!! I’m going try something different with this chapter too….I wanted to try using first person POV with this…so here we go. Tell me what you think!!

<3 to all. And on with the story! Please R&R!

OH! What’s wrong with me? Sheesh….MUCH LOVE to my freaking awesome beta Madeline. Thanks for reminding me to use my sticky notes! Haha! You rule.

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Diamond Dogs (1) [Sunday, 16th October 2005 ; 2:39pm]
Hello all! I had kept this story strictly to ff.net and the Aria...but I decided that if I am going to be senile and write two demanding stories at once...I should post it here too! Don't worry, i'm writing Stardom too...I started this one up as a cure for my writer's block during Phantom of the Concert Hall, and finally decided to share it. I hope you all like it!

Diamond Dogs
NC-17 (for eventual sexual situations)
An AU Phantom of the Opera story that has been plot crossed with elements from the movie Moulin Rouge. Erik is a musical genius, hardened by the world, and desperately trying to find a place to perform his masterpieces. He ventures to the Moulin Rouge on a whim and encounters more than a corps of can can dancers. He finds himself torn between his comfortable solitude...and the Sparkling Diamond.

A/N: I know Sparkling Diamond is a variation of my penname...I just thought I would clear this up incase it poses a problem in the future...this is NOT in any way, shape, or form including me whatsoever. I just like the name. Thanks mucho! I hope that you all take a chance and read and review!!!

...at the moulin rouge you'll have fun...Collapse )
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Stardom (2) [Sunday, 18th September 2005 ; 4:45pm]
Sequel to Phantom of the Concert Hall. The Phantom and his entourage have come to the United States to begin their trek to international superstardom status. With a dazzling stage show, the beautiful Christine Davenport beside him, and a new found drive for life what could possibly go wrong on the Phantom's much awaited Masquerade tour? Everything.

I hope you all enjoy this story! Thank you for your feed back on Concert Hall! It gave me motivation to write you all your sequel! Please review!! Love to all!

Stardom (2)

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Phantom of the Concert Hall (24) [Thursday, 4th August 2005 ; 6:04am]
Thank you so much.

Final Chapter (24)

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Phantom of the Concert Hall (23) [Monday, 1st August 2005 ; 11:09pm]
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Phantom of the Concert Hall (22) [Thursday, 14th July 2005 ; 3:02pm]
Chapter 22

Hooray! I updated quickly! Thanks so much for your comments!

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Phantom of the Concert Hall (21) [Monday, 11th July 2005 ; 11:26am]
Ch. 21
...touche that's all i needed to know...Collapse )
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Phantom Phest: Ch. 1 [Sunday, 3rd July 2005 ; 9:33am]
Phantom Phest
A sad, physcotic telling of Phantom of the Opera through the eyes of a group of very over Phantom indulged phanatics.
The Cast:
Normal Phantom People.
Aiken: Ashley Aiken
Abbie: Abbie Hain
Cowart: Ashley Cowart
Hay: Ashley Hay
Darth: Ashley Stevens.
I was bored...

...::michael crawford voice...DOWN ONCE MORE TO THE...Collapse )
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Phantom of the Concert Hall (20) [Wednesday, 22nd June 2005 ; 9:03pm]
Hey guys! Sorry it took a while. I was on vacation!


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