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Stardom (2)

Sequel to Phantom of the Concert Hall. The Phantom and his entourage have come to the United States to begin their trek to international superstardom status. With a dazzling stage show, the beautiful Christine Davenport beside him, and a new found drive for life what could possibly go wrong on the Phantom's much awaited Masquerade tour? Everything.

I hope you all enjoy this story! Thank you for your feed back on Concert Hall! It gave me motivation to write you all your sequel! Please review!! Love to all!

Stardom (2)

Hey guys! I’ve been rather busy…but received new inspiration from seeing the stage show of Phantom last night in Atlanta. Gary Mauer is an AMAZING Phantom. I know it took me FOREVER last time to bring on the love scenes in the first story of this series…so I thought I’d reward you all for your patience with a little…well…a lot of action. Prepare yourself for smut in other words. Thank you, and please review!!
- - - - - - - - - - -

Christine collapsed onto the leather sofa as the bus doors closed behind her. She sighed heavily as her and the Phantom’s transport eased away from the curb, making the screaming masses of fans nothing but a blur in the windows. She knelt down and took off her left high heeled shoe, wincing as her sore foot was freed from its prison. She massaged the ball of her foot as she sank back into the plush couch, watching the lights of the buildings pass by.

“I do believe I like Los Angeles.”

Christine looked up with a smirk as the Phantom entered the room, looking thoughtfully out the window as he did so. He wore his signature black, a simple long sleeved shirt and dress pants. His eyes looked tired as they surveyed the scenery before turning back to the girl before him.

“It seems so much more…alive than Europe.” He added, smiling at her. Christine shook her head with a laugh.

“Just wait until you play Madison Square Garden next month.” She said, sighing sharply as she hit a particularly sore part of her dainty foot. Erik acknowledged her discomfort and eased onto the couch beside her.

“Lean back. Rest.” He commanded gently. Without needing to be told twice, Christine leaned her head back against the black leather with a pleased sigh. Erik shook his head at her and began to massage her small foot with his large hands.

“Lord bless you.” She said with a smile, her eyes closing in bliss. Erik chuckled.

“You did very well tonight my dear. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your set.” Erik complemented as he moved up from her foot to her calf. He slid his hands up her slender legs and massaged the muscle there.

“Thank you.” She said in between sighs of contentment. He nodded and the pair remained quiet as he continued his relief on her leg muscles.

“Antoinette has told me that she hired you new body guards.” Erik stated sometime later, as he slipped off her other shoe, starting on her right foot.

“Yes, she thinks that I need more security. I’m assuming she’s referring to the issue in Paris as her resource.” Christine said, shaking her head. Erik nodded.

“I think it’s a good idea.” He replied, kneading his skilled fingers into her creamy flesh.

Christine sighed and leaned forward against his strong shoulder, hugging his arm with both of hers.

“Have I told you that I loved you today?” She asked sleepily, taking a deep breath and savoring his masculine smell. Erik chuckled and released her slim leg from his grasp, turning and taking her into his arms.
“I cannot remember.” He whispered, leaning back against the soft couch and taking her body with him, letting her rest against his chest. Christine smiled into his shirt and gave his torso a squeeze.

“I love you.” She said softly, relaxing against him. She felt Erik’s slight intake of breath and then release.

“I love you too, my darling.” He replied, sliding a hand into her dark curls and kissing her temple.

She thanked God for this man. He seemed so untouchable, so dark and mysterious. It still amazed her to know that she was the only person that could make him be this way. He made her weak just by speaking to her and helpless when he touched her. But to know that she made him just as vulnerable…it was simply inconceivable. She couldn’t help but pinch herself sometimes just to make sure that she had not dreamt him up somewhere in the dark, impassioned part of her brain.

Erik skimmed his rough, but gentle hands down her back and along her spine.

“Why don’t you go and take your shower darling, and I’ll tuck you into bed.” He said softly, lifting her chin in one of his hands. She smiled back at him.

“You go ahead and take yours; it will take me days to get out of this contraption.” She laughed, gesturing to her corset top.

Erik chuckled. “If you insist, I will not decline.” He kissed her forehead and rose from the couch, exiting to the rear of the bus.

Christine smiled as she watched him go, and then left for her own room to try and squeeze her way out of the tight garment that she wore. Shutting the door behind her, she placed her shoes down by the foot of the bed and approached the floor length mirror before her.

She pulled the rest of the pins from her hair, allowing the remainder of her curls to topple down across her slim shoulders. She looked down at her stocking feet as she struggled to unhook the dreadful fastenings of her elaborate top. She could not help but gasp as a hand gently brushed her fingers away and set to working on her clothing. Looking up in the mirror, she felt a familiar ache in her loins as she saw her love behind her helping her out of her costume.

Erik’s masked face looked up and his eyes turned to the color of molten fire. He smiled gently at her as his nimble fingers danced over her skin, unhooking and unlacing her with agonizing slowness. He was shirtless, a factor that her eyes could not overlook. The muscles that rippled across his chest begged to be touched, kissed. Taking a deep breath, she tore her shameful eyes from his naked chest and back into his face. He had a look of devilment, but also more tenderness than she could hope for. He achieved his goal, and the corset dropped to the floor at her feet.

“Erik…” she whispered as his hands slid up her bare abdomen.

“Hush now, little one.” He responded softly as he brought his head over her bare shoulder.

Christine gasped, leaning back against his chest as his skillful fingers lightly touched her already attentive breast. He groaned deeply at the sound of her arousal, dropping his head to her ear, tugging lightly on her earlobe with his beautiful mouth.

Her chocolate eyes darted up to the mirror before him, savoring the image she saw before her. Her nearly naked body being held in place by the strong figure behind her, his hands teasing her ever so gently, and his ebony head disappearing into her shoulder.

“You are so beautiful.” She whispered, staring into the mirror at his elegant form. She watched as his head rose from her shoulder, his amber eyes burning sensually inside the white mask. Her breath caught as she saw his gaze rake over her body in the mirror’s reflection.

“I believe that you are the one that deserves that title, darling.” He whispered darkly, planting a gentle kiss to her temple.

Christine turned in his embrace, placing her small hands against his broad chest. Erik’s eyes darkened as her skin came in contact with his own flesh. His finger slid around to her back, drawing her close to him possessively. Christine brought her hands up his chest to rest on either side of his face. She searched his lovely eyes and then pressed her lips to his.

Erik growled deep in his throat as her small mouth ravaged his own. Her tongue slid through his lips, twisting around his own, casting a spell over the already love drunk man. He cradled her body against his own with his left hand, while the other slid down her hip. Touching the filmy fabric that lay there, he discovered the zipper on the side of her skirt. He slowly unzipped it and let the article fall around her ankles.

He broke their passionate kiss to pull away from her. His lips parted hungrily as he took in the sight of his Christine, kept from him only by a pair of silken panties and thigh stockings.

A deep blush rose to Christine’s face. Even if he had seen her naked before, she always felt shy about her body around him, and she probably would even if they’d been intimate thousands of times. Her blush increased as her eyes caught sight of the strained material in his pants. Erik’s eyes flamed in their sockets as he caught sight of her stare. She shyly turned her back to him, embarrassed to have been caught staring. She heard him growl as she did so, remembering his fondness of her exotic undergarments. She still blushed thinking about a time when she was in the bathroom, and asked him to fetch her a pair of stockings. It being her luck, his hand had come out of her luggage with a silken g-string. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. He proceeded to state his confusion as to why he never got to see such pleasantries on her form. She did nothing but blush and quickly shut the bathroom door.

She remembered his statement and had donned the black satin g-string in hopes that something intimate would present itself that night. She was not disappointed.

He caught her hips and brought her flush to his body. She could not help but softly cry out as she felt his erection rubbing against her bottom. His lips were hovering inches above her ear and Christine looked into the mirror at his impassioned face.

“Do not hide from me darling. Let me see you.” He whispered sensually. She turned in his hold and allowed Erik’s eyes to flutter about her scantily clad form. His eyes then locked onto her own, watching her tremble as his hands slid from her hips back over to cup her bare bottom on either side.

“Let me enjoy what you’re wearing for me.” He said darkly, pressing his hands against her bottom, crushing her stomach against his erection.

She moaned as hand slipped down to the front of her panties, stroking her in her most private place. His breathing changed as his index finger stroked the satin barrier.

“You’re ready for me, aren’t you angel?” He whispered. She collapsed against him and he scooped her up into his arms, walking toward the door. He pushed it open and walked briskly down the hallway with his love in his arms.

Christine prayed that the driver did not see anything as he carried her into his bedroom and kicked the door shut behind him.

- - - - - - - - - -

WOOHOO. I’ve begun the cliffies! Yay. Well…at least you all are promised to have the next chapter be more smut. That’s a treat right there. Oh fine. Don’t be mad…I’ve already started writing it. You’ll have it in the next few days. Love you all.
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