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Diamond Dogs (1)

Hello all! I had kept this story strictly to and the Aria...but I decided that if I am going to be senile and write two demanding stories at once...I should post it here too! Don't worry, i'm writing Stardom too...I started this one up as a cure for my writer's block during Phantom of the Concert Hall, and finally decided to share it. I hope you all like it!

Diamond Dogs
NC-17 (for eventual sexual situations)
An AU Phantom of the Opera story that has been plot crossed with elements from the movie Moulin Rouge. Erik is a musical genius, hardened by the world, and desperately trying to find a place to perform his masterpieces. He ventures to the Moulin Rouge on a whim and encounters more than a corps of can can dancers. He finds himself torn between his comfortable solitude...and the Sparkling Diamond.

A/N: I know Sparkling Diamond is a variation of my penname...I just thought I would clear this up incase it poses a problem in the future...this is NOT in any way, shape, or form including me whatsoever. I just like the name. Thanks mucho! I hope that you all take a chance and read and review!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or plot lines of either Phantom of the Opera, or Moulin Rouge.
- - -
Keep in mind, that Moulin Rouge was meant to be a bit comical at certain points, so if you see a little bit of a looser Erik at times...I'm true to both stories. Thank you for reading! AND...if it helps any at all who have seen Moulin Rouge...this story is NOT true to the original ending. I hate that ending. Just so you know!
- - -

The streets of Paris lay asleep beneath the full moon. The shimmering beams of light from the great orb in the sky cast beautiful illuminations all over the quieted streets.

Most of the respectable French were snug in their beds, preparing for the morn and gaining their much needed rest.

Another side of the city of love slept only in the daytime. In this part of the city, the children of the night came out from their hiding places to entertain the crème de la crème of all France with their lavish colors and their sparkle for life. To enter into such a place was marked as a sin, a direct refusal to associate one’s self with decency. These streets were walked only by those filled with the need to sate whatever desires plagued them, unable to find their passions anywhere.

This place was known as the Moulin Rouge.

Men were said to have gone mad because of the place, wasting their lives away with a can-can dancer at the accursed nightclub. Every lady of the night was willing and ready to give their patrons the show of their lives and entertain those who dared ask for their services.

That particular night at the Moulin Rouge was not an ordinary night. It was the night that a hardened man from a foreign place stepped foot into the rush of color and dance, and turned this world of night upside down.

This very gentleman entered the club at the side of a fellow foreigner, a man of dark skin and elaborate clothing much like his own. The exotic looking man allowed his comrade to look around in wonder of the life that he saw around him.

“So, monsieur. What do you think of the Moulin Rouge thus far?” He asked, a rich accent rolling of his tongue as he handed his cape to the man at the door to the main hall. His companion turned to him with a gruff expression.

“Far too many people in one place if you ask me Daroga.” He responded stiffly.

He looked visibly uncomfortable as the pair was led through the main doors and into the large theatre. He looked around the gentleman that lined the auditorium and placed a hand to his porcelain mask which covered the entire right half of his face.

“Nadir, you know how I hate to placed in positions like this.” The masked man growled as he received an inquiring look from an older gentleman to the right of their reserved table. Nadir coughed.

“Really Erik, lighten up. No one will mock you here; they aren’t here to see what kind of mischief they can cause someone. They are here to see the ladies.” Nadir responded.

Erik cut his eyes at the man next to him and ordered a drink from the waitress. She gave him a small but curious smile and told the pair that the next show would begin within 5 minutes time.

Erik tried to sit up straight in his chair and ignore the stares that his masked face was receiving but could barely contain himself.

“This was obviously a very bad idea Nadir.” He growled to his friend and he picked up his fedora from the table. Nadir placed a hand on the man’s shoulder, keeping him pinned in his seat.

“It very well is not. Do you want that damned play to be performed do you not?” The Daroga asked, looking quizzically at his companion. Erik frowned but did not say anything.

Nadir formed a smile.

“Very good. Now be quiet. They will not pay you a bit of mind when the show starts.”

At that very moment, the curtains parted slightly and a well dressed fellow in top hat and tail coat stepped into the spot light. A large smile erupted across his face as applause rang through the hall.

Nadir leaned across the table at Erik, who was still frowning rather menacingly.

“That is Monsieur Firmin, the owner of the Moulin Rouge.” He whispered. Erik nodded as he watched the man approach the center of the floor.

“Gentleman, without further ado… Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!”

With that, music erupted through the hall as the curtain swung open. The stage was lined with can-can girls all smiling deviously and ready to perform for their audience. Erik looked upon them without flinching.

‘Common whores.’ He thought to himself as he took a sip of brandy. Nadir noted the look on his face.

“He calls them his Diamond Dogs.” He said with a grin.

Erik looked out the floor where the so called “diamonds” began their fevered dance with their skirts up high in the air. He could not help but break a smile at the girls down before him and at the people around them.

Men were crawling out of their seats to join the dancers on the floor. The ladies allowed these well dressed men to paw at them, never allowing them too much of a good thing. Erik had never seen such behavior and could not help but laugh at the men falling over themselves to get close to the Diamond Dogs.

"This is not what we have come to see incase you were wondering." The Daroga said, taking a sip of his own drink. Erik turned back to his friend, raising an eyebrow.

"Then what, pray tell, am I supposed to be waiting for?" Erik asked, half amused, half annoyed.

The music died suddenly, as the men formed a wondering circle around the dancers, which in turn formed their own small circle.

Erik looked up at the ceiling, and his mouth fell agape.

Perched on a silver swing, and coming down from the high ceiling, sat the most beautiful creature Erik had ever laid eyes on. Chocolate hair cascaded across her slim shoulders and a silver top hat graced her pretty head. Her slender legs were crossed with a pair of silver heels on her dainty feet, those slender legs rising into a slender body covered by a matching silver and black corset and glittering panties. Her expression looked calm and seductive, an air of sophistication set on her face.

Erik gaped at the angel above the audience. Never had he seen a creature that could make even he of all people, stop and stare ridiculously.

The hush of the audience was broken by Nadir's voice.

"It's her. The Sparkling Diamond."
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