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Stardom (5)

Chapter 5 – Blast from the Past

Disclaimer: I do not own Phantom. I wish I did because I’d have an assload of cash. And then I’d buy you all something pretty because I love you!

A/N: Thank you so much for all the great reviews and critique! I’ll admit, I had one HELL of a time trying to get that first person point of view down, but thanks to all your kind suggestions and encouragement I believe that I shall have a much easier time with it in the future! Thanks a bunch! I know you all wanted to shoot me in the face when Raoul showed up…I knew that mass hysteria would ensue…but I promise it’ll all work itself through! Thank you all for reading!


Christine froze in her seat, turning her head to gaze upon the man that Antoinette had just introduced. Her jaw dropped as she took in the sight of her childhood friend, Raoul Chandler.

“Can it possibly be…?” she said out loud to no one in particular.

Erik turned to her, alarmed at the bewildered look upon his love’s face.

“Christine?” he asked, his eyes darting about her face.

A smile managed to creep up onto her features as the truth began to sink in. It really was Raoul! She could still see the little boy in him as he smiled kindly at Antoinette whom was still talking to the rest of the crew. She laughed aloud and then stood up, causing Antoinette to stop in mid-sentence. Christine shook her head with laughter, placing her hands upon her hips.

“Raoul Maurice Chandler!” she called out.

Raoul’s eyes shot to the source of the voice and he studied her with a stunned expression.

“Um…begging your pardon miss. Have we met before? Not many people address me by my full name,” he said, confusion written on his face.

Erik looked up at Christine with a raised eyebrow, “Darling are you all right?” he asked, placing a hand on her elbow.

She turned to him and grinned enthusiastically, “Why Raoul. I never thought that you would look your Little Lotte in the face and not recognize her! I am shocked and amazed!” she said with a laugh.

Raoul studied her for a few moments before realization donned on him. His eyes grew wide and he began to laugh as well.

“Christine Davenport!” he cried, shuffling down the center stage stairway in a hurry,

The band and crew watched with questioning expressions as Christine and Raoul embraced tightly. Antoinette looked to Erik, afraid of his reaction. Just as she had expected, Erik was looking at the pair through narrowed eyes, his large hands gripping onto the arm rests. His knuckles grew increasingly white the longer the two stood there locked in a laughing embrace.

“I would have never believed that I would find my Little Lotte at the Masquerade Tour of all things!” Raoul exclaimed, releasing Christine but keeping her hands firmly in his own.

“Raoul, I am one of the headliners on this tour!” Christine squealed, studying her friend’s reaction.

He had grown into quite a catch. His white blonde hair had changed to a darker honey color and he had grown to a nice six feet tall. He was dashing, just as Christine had known he would be. Raoul gasped in surprise as he squeezed her hands.

“I knew it! I knew that that voice of yours would get you somewhere some day! See, all of your father’s preaching finally paid off!” Raoul said.

Christine nodded, “Well I still wouldn’t say I enjoyed it though!”

Antoinette broke this tense moment by cutting in on the pair’s loud reunion.

“I suppose you two have met before?” she asked in a loud voice, rapping her cane on the stage to have the attention returned to her.

Christine looked up and blushed, “Oh forgive me! I completely forgot myself! Raoul and I grew up together! His family and mine were very good friends until the Chandlers moved away,” Christine said happily.

“What a small world!” Meg cried, clapping her hands together.

“Indeed,” Erik said bitterly, crossing his arms across his chest.

Christine gulped as she studied her beloved’s dark face. She cursed herself for forgetting all about him during her reunion with Raoul. She knew she must amend the situation immediately.

“Oh Erik! Come here darling,” she cooed, trying her best to please him with her tone. Erik did not budge but sat glaring at Raoul. Christine inwardly cursed Erik’s jealous ways but did not give in. She stepped away from Raoul and pulled Erik’s arms from their locked position across his chest. Erik glared at her as she pulled him up from his seat and over to where Raoul stood watching the scene with a raised eyebrow.

“Raoul I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Erik, otherwise known as the Phantom,” she said proudly, squeezing Erik’s hand in hopes of redeeming herself, “Erik, this is my oldest friend Raoul.”

Raoul nodded to Erik with a smile and Erik managed to nod curtly to him.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Monsieur. I have heard much about your stage show. I understand that it is amazing! I look forward to working with you,” he said brightly.

Erik remained silent, merely nodding in reply.

“I have work to do,” Erik said lowly, pulling away from Christine and trudging silently back up to the main doors.

Christine watched him leave with a confused expression.

“Well, He seems…nice,” Raoul said, wincing as the door slammed behind Erik with a loud thud.

“Don’t mind him; he can be a bit moody,” she said with a forced laugh, trying to hide her confusion about Erik’s behavior.

Antoinette cleared her throat to speak again, “What are you all sitting around for? Meeting adjourned. Get back to work, we have a show tonight don’t we?” she barked.

The band, afraid of Antoinette’s wrath, returned to their work, murmuring about the scene that had just taken place. Antoinette looked down at Christine and Raoul.

“Monsieur Chandler, you have work to do, do you not?” she asked firmly.

Raoul stared at her for a second before nodding in reply. He turned to Christine.

“We shall catch up later Lotte,” he said softly, before smiling a striding away.

Christine smiled after him sadly; not knowing if that would be such a bright idea at that exact moment.

Antoinette glanced down at Christine with an understanding yet firm smile. “I suggest you go and find him Christine,” she said softly before turning to exit the stage, “Meg Giry you are needed today,” she called without turning.

Meg smiled at Christine with a shrug of her shoulders and scampered off after her mother. Christine sighed and turned to go and follow the way Erik had gone.

‘Why can’t he be more understanding of me?’ she thought as she pushed through the heavy doors. Erik was no where to be found in the lobby. Christine circled the arena in hopes of finding him somewhere but to no avail.

Trying her best not to panic, Christine exited the building and strode across the parking lot, her eyes darting rapidly for any sign of him. She breathed in a deep sigh of relief as she spotted two of Erik’s personal guard standing cross armed beside the door to their shared tour bus. Christine approached them calmly, doing her best to regulate her breathing. It would not do for anyone to think that something was a miss.

Logan and Marcus parted without uttering a word so that Christine could board the bus. She found him exactly where she thought he would be, sitting at his keyboard in mid-song.

She calmly walked into Erik’s bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed, being careful not to disturb him. She knew better than to pester him while he was in the throes of music. She watched him as his fingers glided across the keyboard, eyes shut tightly in concentration. It was not that Christine was afraid of startling him, that was impossible. He knew very well that she was there; he was simply choosing to ignore her for the moment.

So she waited in silence for her Phantom to grant her an audience. She did not have to wait long as his song came to an end and those beautiful honey eyes glanced up at her. She felt her heart skip in her chest as he surveyed her with those soft yet piercing eyes. She drew a deep breath and looked down at the floor.

“Can we talk Erik?” she asked softly, afraid that he would reject her request. Erik studied her trembling form with care.

“I think that we need to Christine,” he whispered, leaning back in his chair.

Christine looked up at him and noticed that he was surveying her with soft eyes. She had expected anger, perhaps even yelling. She knew how Erik could be when someone cornered him. She was shocked to see the softness in his gaze.

“Are you angry with me?” she asked suddenly, looking down at her lap. She heard a soft intake of breath and then felt his warm hand beneath her chin. She looked up into his eyes.

“No angel, I am not angry with you. I must confess I am quite possessive of what is mine and I was angered by the way that your friend was touching you,” he said softly.

Christine sighed, taking his hand in hers, “But Erik, Raoul…” she began. Erik cut her off by placing a slim finger onto her lips. She savored the feeling of his fingertip caressing her lips but kept quiet.

“Let me finish angel. I apologize for being a bit jealous of the whole situation. I am happy that you have found someone from your past once more, I am glad that you are happy to have this Mr. Chandler back in your life. I will try and be more understanding of your relationship, but please remember that it is hard for me. I don’t like for anyone to hold on to you like that but me,” he said, placing his hands in his lap.

Christine shook her head as she looked at her Angel of Music. She forgot that beneath that calm and rugged exterior, he was quite sensitive and needed to be handled with care. She cursed herself for forgetting and made a silent prayer that somehow she could teach him to trust her. She got up from her spot on the bed and went to him, wanting to show him that he could always depend on her and her love.

She stood above him and wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing his head against her breast. She ran her hands through his thick black hair and rested her head atop his.

“No one will ever take me from you Erik. I love you and that will never change,” she said softly.

She relaxed as he slid his arms around her waist, drawing her closer to him and holding her tightly.

“Thank you,” he said simply, lifting his head to look up at her. She leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his waiting mouth.

“I love you too,” he whispered, standing up suddenly and taking her with him. She laughed as her feet dangled in the air and he kissed her several times. He placed his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes.

“Would you like to go out for a real lunch?” Erik asked. Christine looked at him, wide eyed.

“Erik you never like to go out,” she said matter of factly. Erik laughed.

“Yes, I know, but I want to show you off. Besides, not too many people here know of us that well yet,” he stated. Christine smiled and kissed him again.

“Well than I would love to!” she said, kissing the tip of his nose. Erik wrinkled it, eliciting a roar of laughter from his love.

“By the way, you need to find something better to call me to your friends. Boyfriend sounds a little too we’re teenagers.” He said dryly. Christine smacked him as he placed her back down on the floor.

“Oh get over it. Would you rather me call you my love slave to right strangers?” she asked, hands on her hips. Erik studied her for a moment and a smile crept onto his features. Christine smacked his shoulder again.

“Oh you are impossible!” she cried, turning from him and walking to the front of the bus. Erik chuckled as he slipped his wallet into his pocket.

“Do you want lunch or not?” he called with a playful tone. He heard her sigh.

“Of course I do. Apparently I have to keep up my energy for my slave driver tendencies,” she yelled. Erik chuckled deeply and could not resist the come back that popped into his head.

“Yes Master.”

She screamed in frustration and he heard her stomp off of the bus.

‘Damn she’s adorable when she’s annoyed with me,’ he thought as he followed her out into the parking lot.


I hope that update came a little sooner than the last. SORRY! I’ll try my best to keep you from waiting too long, I know I’m terrible about leaving cliffies!
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